International Congress of Polymers in Concrete (ICPIC) is an international forum that has been taking place every three years for the last 40 years with the objective of following progress in the field of polymers and their use in concrete and construction. ICPIC has been the leading congress worldwide in the interactive fields on polymers in concrete for more than 40 years. Following 15 successful congresses which were held in London (1975), Austin (1978), Koriyama (1981), Darmstadt (1984), Brighton (1987), Shanghai (1990), Moscow (1992), Oostende (1995), Bologna (1998), Honolulu (2001), Berlin (2004), Chuncheon (2007), Funchal (2010), Shanghai (2013), and Singapore (2015).

ICPIC2018 will take place in the Willard Intercontinental, Washington D.C. USA, from April 29th to May 1st, 2018

ICPIC 2018 conference will be held under the theme “Polymers for Resilient and Sustainable Concrete Infrastructure”. The conference will provide the opportunity to researchers and specialists working in the fields of polymers to exchange ideas and follow the latest progress in the use of polymers in concrete infrastructure.


ICPIC 2018 is an international event gathering engineers, scientists, contractors, producers, and government agencies working in the field of polymer concrete, with 96 technical papers coming from 29 countries worldwide reporting on advances in the use of polymers in concrete. Research papers covering a wide variety of topics on the use of polymers in concrete range from new polymer materials,  modifying cement hydration using polymers, new types of polymer concrete, and smart fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composites including nanomaterials or shape memory alloys. ICPIC 2018 papers also cover new advances on the use of geopolymers to produce sustainable construction materials. In addition, the effect of polymer phase changing materials (PCM) on the mechanical and thermal properties of concrete is examined. Furthermore, researchers worldwide are considering the use of recycled polymer particles, parts, and liquids in producing new sustainable polymer concrete. Of special interest is research on multi-scale modeling of polymer concrete and FRP to establish computational methods for predicting mechanical and long-term behavior of polymer composites as structural materials. Interesting research also discusses the use of nanomaterials to alter polymer concrete and the potential of these technological advances to open up new frontiers of using polymer concrete in resilient infrastructure. Researchers worldwide are also examining the use of polymer concrete as a potential material for 3D printed concrete structures. Finally, the conference proceedings provides insight to owners, engineers, and contractors on materials and methods for producing durable and long lasting polymer concrete overlays, and highlights research needs to ensure sustainable behavior of polymer composites including FRP for sustainable infrastructure.

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